Adele Vallier

Early Childhood Coordinator

As the daughter of a pastor, the gospel was not an unfamiliar concept to me. However, I was given a fresh appreciation of God’s love and grace after spending my high school years living for myself and the approval of others. I realized that life lived without Jesus is dark and empty, and that it is only with Jesus that we can possess a full and abundant life. Once I turned back to Him, I experienced a peace and joy that I hadn’t realized I was missing. Thanks be to God for His mercy and forgiveness, and that the prodigal son can return to the open arms of his (her) Heavenly Father! Nothing in this world can compare with the joy and peace that comes from knowing Christ, and I am passionate about seeing people meet Jesus and allowing their understanding of Him and His love to shape their lives.
It is a privilege to partner with the staff at Alliance to “captivate generations with the satisfying gospel of Jesus Christ”.  I particularly enjoy Children’s Ministry because kids are often open and receptive to God’s Word in a way that adults aren’t. I appreciate their unique perspective and entertaining comments and questions. Kids are lots of fun and I’m excited about making church one of their favorite places to be!
I studied Biblical Studies at Moody Bible Institute where I met the love of my life, Jon Vallier. We have four incredible sons and one average golden retriever.  We live in Port Washington where I enjoy sunrises, audiobooks, homeschooling, playing outside, playing the piano, and making and eating good food.