Bethany Turner

Early Childhood Coordinator


I am number two of  the three kids of the Turner clan, sandwiched between my little brother and older sister. Originally from Georgia, I spent more of my childhood in Michigan.
When I was in 6th grade, my dad’s job moved us to Wisconsin. As an army brat, that was the norm. We lived in Mequon for a year but settled in downtown Cedarburg.
We began looking for churches in our area and Alliance had the type of environment we were looking for. We’ve been attending for 11 years now.
Starting over in a new place doesn’t get any easier, having to make new friends and find my place. I began serving in the nursery because that’s what I was used to and felt the most comfortable. From there, I attended the ABC summer camps; once I aged out I began helping out as a team leader. This continued for about 7 years. I left for a few years to attend school out of state and recently moved back. I began working on staff as the Early Childhood Coordinator May of 2018. And this summer, I will be working alongside Jodi as her intern!
I am currently finishing my senior year of college.  My degree will be in Early Childhood Education with a minor in American Sign Language. Once I finish my schooling, I hope to teach kindergarten wherever God places me.
When I’m not wiping noses or changing diapers, I spend my free time hiking in the rain, trying new food trucks, baking and playing video games.