Keith Luecht

Worship Arts Director

Keith has served in various worship ministries over the past 17 years. He began leading worship in college while volunteering with a Junior High student ministry. He soon found himself leading worship multiple times a week for different ministries and loving every minute of it. By the middle of his sophomore year, he knew he wanted to devote his life to ministry–specifically helping people discover the joy and freedom that are found in Christ. Worship ministry has always been a natural extension of that desire.

“I love the heartbeat of our church. Finding satisfaction in the gospel of Jesus Christ resonates with me at a deep level. Jesus is our hope, our strength, and our very life–in Him we live and move and have our being. As the author of life, he knows how our deepest longings can be satisfied–which is ultimately in Him. I love helping people discover the goodness of our God.”

Keith met his wife Lindsay in the same room where he started leading worship–she was the designated speaker one week. They started ministering together shortly after that. Keith and Lindsay have been married 14 years and have 4 children:  Judah (9), Simeon (6),  Asaph (4), and Marguerite (2).