Prayer Wall


Prayer Wall

Prayer is ministry.

Prayer is ministry.

Welcome to the prayer wall! This wall allows you to submit a prayer request and view and pray for other requests.

All prayer requests will be reviewed before being posted. Once they’re reviewed, they will be posted on the “Prayer Wall.” If you’d like to send us a confidential prayer request (for pastors and staff only), please click HERE.

Let’s make a difference in the lives of others and our lost and hurting world. We can take our fears and concerns to the One who is in control. Prayer is not a prelude to ministry, prayer is ministry.

Jesus’ Hands and Feet

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Pray that we can continue to be Jesus' hands and feet to those around us during this time of isolation and fear; that we will continue to help others, extending God's kingdom and lifting our church family and others in prayer.
EddieArguello Pray for this

Nathan Goymerac

Prayed for 7 times
My friend, Nathan Goymerac (pronounced G0-Mer-Ak) has acquired the COVID 19 virus through his occupation as an Emergency Doctor in Pontiac, MI. Please pray for his healing and keeping his young family healthy.
BradHarrison Pray for this

My Dad (Dennis Harrison)

Prayed for 8 times
My father, Dennis Harrison, has had recent trouble with his knee. He went to a ortho doc on after intense pain on Thursday night (3/26). He saw an ortho doc on Friday (3/27) and they drained blood from his knee. His knee has swelled up again today and his pain has continued. Pray that the ortho docs have clarity and pain subsides.
BradHarrison Pray for this

Pray for family in Healthcare jobs

Prayed for 2 times
Please pray for our 2 daughters who are nurses in hospitals in Madison & Florida. Pray for our son-in-law who is an ER medical resident doctor in Florida. Pray for friend Brenda - nurse manager in MN working SUPER long hours many days in a row. PRAYING for HIS protection, safety, peace and strength! THANKFUL for all the healthcare workers!
KlariceArguello Pray for this

Nanciana Buikus

Prayed for 9 times
Less than two weeks ago my mother had surgery to remove a large growth that was only discovered 10 days prior. She is recovering well from surgery, however we have been informed that it was stage 4 aggressive ovarian cancer. I ask for prayers of healing, peace, comfort, and that the devil’s usual attacks of doubt and worry do not affect my mother. The next few months ahead are gonna be challenging ones.
IzziBuikus Pray for this

Trusting in Him

Prayed for 3 times
My family is battling day by day through this new “normal” our country has been hit with. Asking for prayer for my wife’s safety as she works on the frontlines at the hospital and pray for the Lord’s provision as I have lost many hours at work and our financial situation is getting tight. We know He will provide and we are trying to rest in that!
JakeHurlburt Pray for this

Kaye is ill

Prayed for 4 times
On Tuesday evening I started to exhibit symptoms such as low-grade fever, dry cough and body aches. I spoke with my doctor by phone today and was given directions for treatment at home. Please pray that God would keep safe those people that I have been in contact with at work, and especially my husband, Randy. And I cherish prayers on my behalf for healing and that I use this as a time to grow cloaer to God.
KayePeterson Pray for this


Prayed for 9 times
Prayers for Roo who is a double lung transplant survivor who is thought to have coronavirus. We know we serve a big God and pray that if it is His will He will restore and heal his body against this!
DanielleWeiss Pray for this

Pray for Roo

Prayed for 5 times
Our dear friend Roo, a heart and lung transplant recipient, is currently in the ER with flu-like symptoms. He has been tested for Covid19. Please pray for his protection and access to necessary treatment, as well as for his wife and two young daughters to have peace as they wait for news of his condition.
AimeeWiley Pray for this

Trip to Indiana

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We are traveling Sunday to Indiana for masons 8th birthday so he can spend it with his aunt and uncle... I pray we get there and back safe not getting sick... Also pray this comes to an end so we can all get back to "normal" life.
LisaDoud Pray for this