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Famous Last Words


November 11, 2018

Uncertainty abounds in life, but how you handle it makes all the difference. This Sunday we’ll look at a king’s famous last words, (1 Kings 2:1-12), which will offer us insights about facing uncertainty, even in the...



November 4, 2018

It doesn’t matter what you’ve done. It doesn’t matter how bad your track record is. God offers full forgiveness. This is amazing news! Let this be a balm to your soul.    



October 28, 2018

Regardless of the situation you find yourself in, knowing God is absolutely necessary for survival. Our text, 2 Samuel 7, is heavy in revealing what God is like, how he operates, and for what purpose....

You’ve Got A Friend


October 21, 2018

1. The Importance of Friendship 2. The Nature of Friendship 3. How to Be the Kind of Friend You’ve Always Wanted



October 14, 2018

1. Missing Courage 2. False Courage 3. True Courage



October 7, 2018

Reckless Decisions Resist God’s Priorities. Results: 1. Your Decision Was All About You. 2. You’re Okay, but Everyone Else Around You Is Hurt as a Result of Your Decisions. 3. Your Anger Is Disproportionate and...