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One Thing You Can’t Live Without


January 12, 2020

Misunderstanding abounds surrounding Jesus’ term “born again.” What is it? What does it do? Is it necessary? In this message, we’ll discover it’s the one thing we can’t live without. The New Birth: 1. Who...

The Devil Made Me Do It


January 5, 2020

How do you fight temptation? It’s possible to win, but at the end of your life, the bad will still outweigh the good. Where’s the hope? Find out – it’s amazing. 1. The Inevitability of...

Resolving to Abide


December 29, 2019

Is your life producing fruit? New Year’s brings us opportunities to reset and do better. How should we best focus our efforts? 1. Do I Have a Relationship With God? 2. Am I Bearing Fruit?...

The Peace You Really Need


December 24, 2019

International peace would be great. Psychological peace would be amazing. But there’s an even deeper peace we all need: peace with God. In this special Christmas Eve message, we’ll explore how we can get the...



December 23, 2019

When the Bible takes us behind the curtain of the Christmas story, we see that the coming of Jesus is described as a rescue of epic proportions. As we think about this unexpected rescue, it...

From Decay to Vitality


December 15, 2019

Christmas, the arrival of the Messiah, is fundamentally about hope. Hope for change; change in our lives, relationships, and circumstances. But how does this happen? We’ll explore that in this message. 1. Value the Ordinary...