Dan Mlodzik

Technical Arts Director

I started here in summer of 2021 as the Technical Director… that really just means I help with sound, lights, and video. Anything that plugs in, makes noise, or lights up, I’ll make sure it’s working right. I spent seven years working in a similar role in Appleton, took a three year break in the corporate world doing video production, and now am quite happy to be back in ministry work. While I do love technical things – I can easily have a three hour conversation about the best pair of headphones or why vinyl is a superior form of music – for me, tech is just a skill set that allows me to serve in my biggest passion – worship.  While my journey with Christ has been an adventure, (I accepted Him at a very young age and am thankful to have two loving, Christ-led parents to thank for that) spending time in worship with Him has always been my happiest place.

Outside of church work, I’m convinced there’s three things that make every day better – finding a new favorite song (please let me know what music I’m not listening to that I should be), dance parties while cooking a new recipe, and drinking a warm beverage (seriously – coffee, tea, chai, plain water… as long as it’s warm, I’m happy).