We exist to lay a lifelong biblical foundation that is centered on Christ. We envision that teens would be genuine worshippers of God who love Jesus, his bride and their neighbor. We are committed to coming alongside parents since they are the main disciplers of their teens.

The Word of God is central in all that we do and say. We believe in the authority and sufficiency of Scripture. We, like Paul, ask the question, “What does the Scripture say?” The Bible is more than enough and all of Scripture is about Jesus (Luke 24:27 & John 5:39).

Partnering with Parents is key in discipleship of teenagers. The Bible commands that parents are to raise their children in the way of the Lord, so the church’s role is to come alongside parents to help them to do that. Our desire is to equip parents with resources to grow in their discipleship of their own teenagers.

When do we meet and what’s involved?

We often don’t share the gospel because we are not comfortable in knowing how to articulate it to people. Where do we start? What do we say? What if they ask a really hard question? So what are we going to do? We have designed a class where we will help you to take the next step or steps. Whether it is simply getting to know your neighbor or presenting the gospel to a friend. Our goal is that evangelism will be made “eazy”. All middle schoolers and high schoolers are welcome.  (No meeting on July 4.)

A fun night for all middle and high schoolers where we will hang out, sing a lot and learn from the word. Snacks will be provided.

We also have several other fun events and service projects that we do throughout the year.
All of our youth leaders have undergone a thorough background check and receive training on the discipleship of teenagers.
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The Student Union

The Student Union (TSU) is our space for students to hang out in downtown Cedarburg, located next to the Cedarburg Cultural Center. With regular youth-friendly events (i.e. art gallery nights, open mic nights, etc.), a coffee shop, and lots of tables to study, talk, or play games, TSU is the place to be.

You can check it out at

(For those families who also have younger children attending AWANA on Wednesday nights, TSU is a great place for your middle or high school students to hang out while the rest of the family attends evening activities at Alliance.)