Klarice Arguello


I am so grateful to have been raised in a Christian home where prayer, Bible reading and daily devotions were part of the family norm. At the age of 5, I asked Jesus to be my personal Savior. I was encouraged to grow in my faith through good preaching plus teaching by faithful Sunday School teachers and Youth leaders. One of my fondest memories is seeing my Grandma sitting on her couch reading through her Bible. I have been active in the local church and singing in choir or small groups since my college years. Bible study, especially those with other women, has been essential for my walk with Jesus.

I met my husband Eddie in Tucson, AZ at church choir practice. We both continue to sing on the worship team at ABC. We have two adult daughters who are married and each have a child. We LOVE being grandparents and travelling! The Lord has been my constant companion, my purpose for living and the reason I enjoy serving others. Prov. 3:5-6