Alliance is multiplying.

At Alliance Bible Church we are endeavoring to launch another gospel-preaching, Jesus-obsessed, mission-focused church in Northern Ozaukee county called Lakeside Alliance Church.  It will be a strategic partner of Alliance Bible Church in the region. Beginning in Port Washington, Lakeside Alliance Church will be gathering momentum from those who call Alliance Bible Church their home church and from others in the Northern Ozaukee area. These individuals and families will partner together to help those in the local communities discover Christ. Making this bold move as a church is the next step in fulfilling the vision of seeing revival take place in Southeast Wisconsin.


Who will lead?

Jon Vallier will be the new Lead Pastor of Lakeside Alliance Church. Currently, we are aiming for a second full time pastor, 3-5 elders, and 25 additional key leaders, along with many more volunteers to serve and assist with the launch of the new church.


How will this effort be paid for?

We are raising the funding through Alliance Bible Church, the Christian and Missionary Alliance, and others, while maintaining the goal of long-term financial freedom and sustainability for the new church.


Where will the new church meet?

We are currently exploring potential options for gathering on Sundays and throughout the week in the Saukville and Port Washington area. Please pray for God’s gracious provision in this search.




When is the launch taking place?

We are planning to launch Lakeside Alliance Church in the fall of 2023.


Why are we multiplying?

We believe that the church was made to expand and to pursue multiplication.  Making a bold move at this time is underpinned by three key reasons:

  1.  God’s Calling
  2.  God’s Provision
  3.  God-Sized Need

We believe that our first ministry work needs to be praying for the people in Northern Ozaukee County. Pray that God would soften the hearts of people in the area, and that He would give this new effort favor in the eyes of the local communities.

You can begin giving to the Bold Move campaign online or through the drop boxes at Alliance. When you give, be sure to designate your donation “Bold Move”.

Consider if God is prompting you to be a part of this new endeavor. If He is, step out in faith by contacting the church office for more information: 262-375-2400 or