Deception | Did God Really Say...?

April 24 2022
Series: Deception
Topic: Deception , Justice , Words
Book: Matthew

Bible Passage: Matthew 12:33-37

We are living in a day and age where language and meaning are destabilizing. Words once thought to have simple, straightforward definitions are getting contorted. How does a Christ-follower find their way through this sort of thing? Join us as we begin a 5-week series entitled “Deception.”

Brian Dainsberg, Lead Pastor, looks at Matthew 12:33-37.

In surveying all the passages that talk about justice, here are some observations:
1) Justice is both more and less than we think of it today.
2) None of these exhortations to live justly are given to non-believing people.
3) The overwhelming majority of these exhortations to live justly have to do with how God’s people treat each other.
4) Justice exhortations are behaviorally individualized.

April 24, 2022

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