Lessons from the Wilderness – Part 11

August 27 2023

Topic: Wilderness

Book: Joshua

Scripture: Joshua 3:1-4:7

What if tomorrow morning you woke up and God said, “Today will be your last day in the wilderness. Tomorrow you will enter the Promised Land.” Besides jumping for joy, how would you spend your final day? What would you do? The reality is: each of us should live today as though we will enter our final rest tomorrow. Join us for the conclusion of our series, “Lessons from the Wilderness.”

There is, in this story, a clear message to those already saved by grace: fit yourself for the Promised Land. Fit yourself for the rest that awaits you. Fit yourself for the kingdom to come.

Brian Dainsberg, Lead Pastor, looks at Joshua 3:1-4:7 and how to:

1) Consecrate yourself
2) Follow that “box”
3) Memorialize the miracle

August 27, 2023
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