Part 13 | Revelation 14

February 21 2021

Book: Revelation

Scripture: Revelation 14

At 80 years of age, the renowned preacher David Martyn Lloyd-Jones was asked a final question: “What parting word have you for the secular man or woman who does not take Jesus Christ seriously?” To which the man of God replied; “Flee from the wrath to come and believe on the Lord Jesus Christ.” This is the somber and hopeful message of Revelation 14.

Lead Pastor, Brian Daisnberg, looks at Revelation 14 and:

1. We are prone to placing a high-gloss veneer over sin.
2. Diminishing the punishment diminishes the cross of Christ.
3. Warning of God’s judgment calls for fearing Him not arguing with Him.
4. Does your life look like you’re God’s property?
5. Our loudest praise claims the high ground.

February 21, 2021

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