Part 6 | Revelation 7:1-17

Bible Passage: Revelation 7:1-17

The 144,000, the great tribulation, seals on the foreheads – what does this all mean? It’s a magnificent picture of the day all Christians look forward to when there will be no more cancer, no more war, no more sickness, no more death. Join us as we dream about the new heavens and the new earth.

Brian Dainsberg, Lead Pastor, looks at Revelation 7:1-17 and:

1. Does Chapter 7 Follow Chronologically From Chapter 6?
2. Who Are the 144,000?
3. What Is the Seal on the Foreheads of the Servants of God?
4. Who Are the Great Multitude No One Can Count?
5. What Is the Great Tribulation?
6. What Is Our Great Reward?

November 15, 2020


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