Care & Support

Care and Support

The purpose of the Care and Support Ministry is to facilitate the vision of Alliance Bible Church by being living examples of the gospel as we serve those in need.

At Alliance, our Care and Support Ministry’s primary focus is to provide care and support to those who are outside of a Life Group or have an emergency that’s larger than a Life Group’s capability. We believe that the vast majority of people’s needs should simply be met in Life Group community. This Culture of Care has defined how we go about tending to people’s needs and where we focus our attention.

As we go about caring for those in our church community we focus on:
• Remember those who need care and can no longer be physically part of our community.
• Pray for and communicate prayer needs within our community.
• Provide quality, gospel centered support groups to those in need.
• Show excellent hospitality to those in need.
If you’re a part of our church community and have a care need please select from the options below to contact us