Catch Phrase Christianity: #Blessed

Scripture: Matthew 5:2-12

Our words reveal what’s in our hearts. However, we rarely consider how certain words or phrases that we use in conversation might show us something about what we really think, desire, or believe about life. Do we see these phrases in the Word of God? Join us as we begin a new series, “Catchphrase Christianity,” a thought-provoking series on reframing everyday words in light of God’s Word. “Blessed” refers to someone who is approved and favored by God in the new kingdom.

Pastor Jon Vallier looks at Matthew 5:2-12 and how the Scriptures would have us understand the term “#Blessed”.

1) What does that mean for how we’re using blessed?
2) How does Jesus describe someone who’s blessed?
3) Why is this someone who’s blessed?

July 10, 2022

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