Move – Part 8 | A Move Too Far

February 27 2022

Series: Move

Book: Acts

Scripture: Acts 9:10-19

If you’ve ever wondered whether or not God can use you after all of the sin, failures, and brokenness in your life, then you’re not alone. Whether we ask this question about ourselves or if we ask it about somebody else – we are faced with a question that shouldn’t be simply tossed aside, avoided, or left to our own assumptions. Rather, we need a solid and biblical way to unpack this challenging question regarding our usefulness and purpose. We will aim to do just that as we look at the next message from the book of Acts.

Pastor Jon Vallier looks at Acts 9:10-19 and how:

1) God Has Chosen Us With a Purpose
2) God Has Chosen Us in Our Problems
3) God Has Chosen Us to Receive Power

February 27, 2022

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