Worship Arts

Worship Arts

Worship Arts

The Worship Arts Ministry at Alliance Bible Church aspires to create environments that facilitate gospel-centered, heart level worship. Jesus calls us to worship God in both spirit and truth (John 4). We therefore long to see Christ followers display the freedom and joy they have found in their Savior through the adoration of Jesus with all of their heart, soul, mind, and strength in our gatherings.

We invite you to join us as we come together to worship our awesome God!

Interested in Serving?

Creating something special usually takes a team effort and the Worship Arts Ministry at Alliance is no different. We utilize various musicians, singers, sound techs, graphics and lighting techs on an ongoing basis. We also have various periodic roles such as stage design, carpentry, artwork, and drama. Even something as simple as making a meal can serve our ministry. If you would like to serve in the Worship Arts Ministry, we would love to have you. Training can be provided for willing hearts. If you are interested, please contact us.

Care & Support

Care & Support

Care and Support

Do you have a need?

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Do you have a prayer request?

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Want to make a difference?

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The purpose of the Care and Support Ministry is to facilitate the vision of Alliance Bible Church by being living examples of the gospel as we tangibly serve those in need and offer pathways back into community.

What is Care and Support Ministry?

Over the years Alliance Bible Church has experienced many changes, but one thing that hasn’t changed is our commitment to care for others. Our Care and Support Ministry is uniquely designed and positioned to assist those who call Alliance their home church. Through the volunteers and leaders in this ministry – people across the church receive help, prayer, and the love of Jesus as they find their way back into community with other Christians.

What does the Care and Support Ministry specifically do?

Although the ministry can’t help with every situation, Care and Support does attempt to serve with God-honoring excellence by:

– Providing financial counseling for those in need.

– Assisting with hands on projects for individuals and families throughout the congregation.

– Periodically visiting those who are in sick, homebound or in need.

– Thoughtfully handling all financial assistance requests.

– Encouraging people in need through meals, cards, flowers and more.

– Praying with people and helping others to pray through the e-prayer ministry.

– Facilitating support groups and other mentoring opportunities.


Do you have more questions? Please contact Pastor Jon Vallier at jvallier@myabc.church.


Family Sharing

We are an active supporter and promoter of the Ozaukee Family Sharing Center. This community organization seeks to alleviate hunger in Ozaukee County with dignity and compassion. If you’re a resident of Ozaukee County and in need of food, please consider contacting them at 262-377-0634 x102 or visiting them online at www.familysharingozaukee.org.

Local Resource Sheet

Sometimes help is available without someone even knowing it. Download our free local resource contact sheet to see what services are available in this area.

Support Groups & Mentoring

For details on upcoming Support Groups, please see our events tab on the main menu or click HERE.

For details on mentoring, please fill out our brief Care & Support Form.

Leadership Team

Deacons: Bill Curtis, John Thomas

Deaconesses: Klarice Arguello, Michelle Jesko, Jo Kowalski, Stacy Pritzl, Cathy West




… But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.

Acts 1:8

Part of living out the gospel is desiring to share our faith with others. As we grow in relationship with Christ, we desire to know him more and want to follow Jesus’ command to share the Good News of salvation to our neighbors and throughout the world.

Our Alliance family sends more than 700 U.S. workers to over 70 countries. These workers care for the sick, befriend the lonely, and introduce spiritually impoverished people to the One who saves and transforms lives.

Alliance Bible Church also has partnerships with international workers in 3 counties: Bosnia-Herzegovina, France, and Mali. If you’re interested in learning more about missions or are interested in getting involved, click the button below.




If you have a longing in your heart to get involved and make a lasting spiritual impact in the lives of others, then we want to invite you to consider serving.

When it comes to serving at Alliance, you’ll often hear us talking about it being a privilege, a sacrifice, and a joy. We believe that it’s a privilege, not a right, to join in advancing God’s kingdom in southeast Wisconsin. No one deserves to do this work. Instead, we believe that it is by God’s grace and invitation that we GET to serve him. This kind of humility is key to effectively working together.

We also believe that our involvement is to be sacrificial. We know that each of us only has a limited amount of time, talent, and resources, but we also know that God gave us his best, not his leftovers. Likewise, we want to give God our best.

Finally, we want to serve with joy. Since serving is a privilege, we want to be willing to do whatever is needed and serve cheerfully. When possible, we want people to have the opportunity to serve where they are best suited and most gifted and if they aren’t sure where that is, we try to help them pursue understanding how God has shaped them to serve.

Life Groups

Life Groups

Life Groups

Never has our world been more connected yet felt more alone. At Alliance Bible Church, we are seeking to change that through Life Groups. In these small, gospel-centered communities, people of any racial, relational, and socio-economic background are invited to gather together and “do life” with each other. We desire for these groups to be open, fun, prayerful, caring, biblical and to multiply in ways that unleash followers of Jesus around the world. Our groups are flexibly scheduled, seasonally launched, and incredibly life-giving.



A wise man once said that, “The Glory of God is man fully alive.” If you crave a life of freedom and satisfaction, you don’t want to miss out on our men’s events and communities. We believe that when men live authentic lives grounded in Jesus Christ, they experience true freedom and satisfaction in their work, relationships, and other pursuits. Our groups are designed to promote discussion, receive instruction, and take action for the kingdom of God. If that piques your interest, then step out and register for one of our next gatherings.

Redeemed – Part 1

Redeemed – Part 1

1. The Setting for a Spiritual Awakening
2. The Substance of a Spiritual Awakening
3. The Summons Included in a Spiritual Awakening




Welcome to a life giving community where you can belong and be challenged to grow in your walk with Christ and others. Our Women’s Ministry is committed to helping you thrive. We believe that happens best as you are able to connect with other women who are pursuing rich, deep, gospel-centered lives. Through a wide variety of ministry opportunities and events, our intergenerational community of women offers hope and help to every woman who attends, whether you’re just starting on your journey of faith or are well on your way. We’ve saved you a seat, and we look forward to connecting with you soon.


Throughout the year, we offer a variety of fun and engaging events for women to attend and connect with each other. See our events page for upcoming gatherings.

Mom to Mom (Sept.-May)

We are a mid-sized community of moms with kids of all ages which gathers year-round. We offer a safe place to share, receive support and encouragement, and grow under the instruction and mentorship of “further along” moms.  To learn more about our current study and RSVP:

Get Involved

Interested in finding out more about Women’s Ministries or helping with events or studies? Please fill out the Form (button below) and we’ll get in touch with you!

Women in the Word (Sept.-May)

Do you desire to dive deep into the study of God’s Word with other, like-minded women? Then, join us for Women in the Word, which is held on Tuesday mornings and Wednesday evenings. Through both large group sessions and small group breakouts, you will be challenged to grow in your faith while building Christ-centered community and friendships.

Adult Education Classes

Adult Education Classes

Adult Education Classes

Our Adult Education Classes (aka Adult Bible Fellowship) help us learn how to live out the gospel in our daily lives. Topics for these classes range from: growing in our faith and equipping us for service to building strong marriages and families.

January 17- February 21, 2021

The Bumps Are What You Climb On

Click on graphic for more information or to register

April 18 - May 23, 2021

February 28 - April 11, 2021

Classes continue

Check back for class information

The Student Union

The Student Union

The Student Union

The Student Union

Who We Are


The Student Union (TSU) exists to offer students a safe and authentic environment to gather, learn, and mature.

We are a community center located in downtown Cedarburg, Wisconsin for middle and high school students of Ozaukee County to:

Breathe – escape the increasing pressures of today’s society

Belong –  connect with a like-minded tribe of encouragers, truth-seekers, and life changers

Become – discover who they were created to be and embrace their purpose in life

The Student Union

What We Do

  • Foster genuine relationship building in a relaxed, positive environment.
  • Provide a venue for students to explore various areas of talent and interest through events such as: art gallery nights, concerts, speakers, and workshops.
  • Offer enrichment opportunities through educational support, the arts, and local and global outreach.

For more information, please go to TSU’s website: http://www.thestudentu.org

Community Engagement

Community Engagement

Community Engagement

Jesus’ call to the church to be his hands and feet to a broken world has placed a burning desire in the heart of our church to be intentional about making a tangible difference in our community. Our hope in this endeavor is to disciple the men, women, students, and children that God has placed in our church community to live justly in each of our cities. We believe that God has a heart for justice and pays close attention to how we treat the broken people around us. Scripture is clear that the grace we receive demands our action on behalf of those in need. As Tim Keller writes,

If a person has grasped the meaning of God's grace in his heart, he will do justice. If he doesn't live justly, then he may say with his lips that he is grateful for God's grace, but in his heart he is far from him. If he doesn't care about the poor, it reveals that at best he doesn't understand the grace he has experienced, and at worst he has not really encountered the saving mercy of God. Grace should make you just.

We have narrowed our focus in our community engagement to allow us to go “a mile deep” with each organization we support, rather than a “mile wide” across the region. We have selected to work with Family Sharing Center of Ozaukee County and CareNet of Southeast Wisconsin. To learn more or to get involved, please contact us.




We exist to lay a lifelong biblical foundation that is centered on Christ. We envision that teens would be genuine worshippers of God who love Jesus, his bride and their neighbor. We are committed to coming alongside parents since they are the main disciplers of their teens.

The Word of God is central in all that we do and say. We believe in the authority and sufficiency of Scripture. We, like Paul, ask the question, “What does the Scripture say?” The Bible is more than enough and all of Scripture is about Jesus (Luke 24:27 & John 5:39).

Partnering with Parents is key in discipleship of teenagers. The Bible commands that parents are to raise their children in the way of the Lord, so the church’s role is to come alongside parents to help them to do that. Our desire is to equip parents with resources to grow in their discipleship of their own teenagers.

When do we meet and what’s involved?

We often don’t share the gospel because we are not comfortable in knowing how to articulate it to people. Where do we start? What do we say? What if they ask a really hard question? So what are we going to do? We have designed a class where we will help you to take the next step or steps. Whether it is simply getting to know your neighbor or presenting the gospel to a friend. Our goal is that evangelism will be made “eazy”. All middle schoolers and high schoolers are welcome.  (No meeting on July 4.)

A fun night for all middle and high schoolers where we will hang out, sing a lot and learn from the word. Snacks will be provided.

We also have several other fun events and service projects that we do throughout the year.
All of our youth leaders have undergone a thorough background check and receive training on the discipleship of teenagers.
If you are a parent and would like to receive our weekly newsletter, please send an email to Pastor Dwayne.
You can also follow us on Facebook and Instagram to receive updates.

The Student Union

The Student Union (TSU) is our space for students to hang out in downtown Cedarburg, located next to the Cedarburg Cultural Center. With regular youth-friendly events (i.e. art gallery nights, open mic nights, etc.), a coffee shop, and lots of tables to study, talk, or play games, TSU is the place to be.

You can check it out at http://www.thestudentu.org/

(For those families who also have younger children attending AWANA on Wednesday nights, TSU is a great place for your middle or high school students to hang out while the rest of the family attends evening activities at Alliance.)



Kingdom Kidz

Kingdom Kidz serves infants – 5th graders. We believe that when kids truly experience the gospel, their hearts are transformed. We emphasize safety, gospel-centered teaching, and lots of fun to ensure that your child’s time in Kingdom Kidz is enjoyable and meaningful.

Let us know your children are coming by registering in advance:

Sunday Mornings: Early Childhood (Birth to age 3)

The Early Childhood ministry provides care for ages 3 and under during each service on Sunday morning. In order to provide an age-appropriate environment, we have three Early Childhood rooms. The “1s” room is for infant to 18 months, the “2s” room is 18 months to 2.5 years, and the “3s” room is for age 2.5 through age 3. Both the 2s and 3s room will include a simple Bible lesson from the Gospel Project curriculum as well as music, crafts, and games. In order to provide a safe and fun environment for your children, we have staffed our Early Childhood rooms with loving and caring individuals who have gone through a detailed screening process. In Early Childhood, we hope to plant the seeds of understanding the gospel and the love Jesus has for people, no matter how small!

Sunday Mornings: Elementary  Classes (4 Year Olds – 5th Grade)

For children ages 4 years through fifth grade, we offer age-appropriate, Christ-centered lessons, using the Gospel Project curriculum. Through active worship, small group time, and fun activities each week, we teach kids to see the Bible as God’s unified story of redemption, helping them to learn how to live Christ-centered lives.


During the school year, kids ages 2 years through 5th grade are invited to join us for Awana on Wednesdays from 6:15 – 8 PM. Through game time, large group teaching, and small group activities, kids learn about God, memorize Scripture, and learn how to apply it to their lives on a daily basis.

For more details about Awana programs and what we have to offer, please click here:

Summer Camps

Summer Adventure Camps

When school ends, the fun begins! Kids ages 4 years – 8th grade can explore and develop their God-given gifts and talents at one, or more, of our many camps. From horseback riding to sewing to music and drama, and many more, there is sure to be a camp for your child! For more details and to register, go to: http://www.summeradventurecamps.org

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