Bold Move Finances

Bold Move Finances

Bold Move

Finances | How will this effort be paid for?

We are raising the funding through Alliance Bible Church and the Christian and Missionary Alliance to support this work.

As a church, we are aiming to help this new endeavor succeed while helping it to achieve long term financial freedom and sustainability.  We will need to raise an additional $150,000 to make this launch a reality.  This funding, coupled with others, will be dispersed to the new church over a five-year period as its own giving grows and becomes self-sustaining.


Video Devotional for April 28, 2020 – Keith Luecht

Keith, our Director of Worship Arts, has us look at the opportunities we have during this season! Keith is also including a song,”The Secret Place,” by Phil Wickham:  

Video Devotional for April 7, 2020 – Keith Luecht

Keith, our Director of Worship Arts, describes what “lament” is and how it draws us nearer to God. Watch to learn more! For further exploration of biblical lament:

Pastor Brian’s Vlog for Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Brian Dainsberg, our Lead Pastor, has three action items for each of us to implement to help us avoid our natural tendency towards self-absorption and fear during times of crisis....

Devotional for March 18, 2020 – Jodi White

Please join us for our video devotional with our Director of Children’s Ministries, Jodi White, who made her devotional specifically for the kids (but adults can listen in)!


1. What Is Worship? 2. Why Do We Worship?